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Phrase adds:
0) All Q: 4 Elements, 1aaa) p. line1, 1aab) p. line2, 1aac) p. line3, 1 aad) p. line4, 1a) dialectic realms, 1a) relate from, 1a) relate to, 1a) relating to, 1a) unified-divide, 2) R-reference, 3) E-stimulant, 8) simple spin, All Q: simple spin -2, find, Orientation of States, pole activity

Polynym adds:
sephirah/prime, perception, Illusions, strategies for learning, evolution, risk taking, SPEAR Survival Plan, ways to think, Research Principles, Branches of Science, Observation Bias, SWOT Analysis, Natural Sciences, Social Science, Learning Styles, Six Basic Survival Skills, Fundamental Forces (Interactions), Formal Sciences, Musical Textures, Writing Styles, Strategies for effective learning, Classic Study Skills, Embodied, Predictive & Interoceptive Framework, The Learning Attitude, Components of Attitude, non-intersecting domains, Noble Pursuits of Man, Three Tenants of Cell theory, Modern Cell theory, Visual Perception

Quadranym adds:
polarity, precipitation, 0) prime quadranym, human health, distance, citizens' freedom, cup, egg_reproduction, aggregate, time, conscious, cognition, perception, creator, mind, operator, math, Music aspects, truth, humanity, resources, egg, transcendence, ontology concepts, energy, rhythm, simplicity, sensibility, egg_food, dialectic realm, table, unified theory, egg_birth, realm, model, movement, direction 2, dynamic, experience, learner, motive, door, recognize, personality, Ten Thousand, Transition, Transition, Locomotion, partner, life, Prime Positions, symbol, Direction, structure, Active-Passive Duel Axes, Actual-Potential Duel Axes, close, close, Hundred Thousand, close, pattern, metaphoric action, rush-linger, intersubjective, promote-demote, sooth-irritate, qualify-disqualify, odorize-deodorize, wish-begrudge, criminalize-decriminalize, louder-quieter, remember-forget, consecrate-desecrate, buy-sell, decrescendo-decrescendo, Thousand, Million, Ten, Hundred Million, One, direction, Billion, Ten Million, Hundred, mind, agent, space

Quadraset adds:
Spatial Seperation, nth power of ten, random nth of ten, Complimentary Duel Axes, Set Test, Set Test

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accomplish, acceptance

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