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Nyms Added: 298

Fable adds:
A Tale of Two Cities, Love & Eros

Phrase adds:
-, 1a) Become [<>], 1a) Become [><], 1a) Being, 1a) Try: ER, All Q: 4 Elements, All Q: simple spin 1, Anyone, Anywhere, Being Wrong, Connection: ER, Eros - Aaron Poochigian, Eros - Anne Carson, Eros - Stanley Lombardo, E-stimulant, Existence, Hamlet, Is both..., Is sometimes..., My Own, Of Two Cities, Of Two Cities 2, Of Two Cities 3, Perhaps: EOR, Perhaps: RSE, R-stimulant, Ummm...

Polynym adds:
energy, interpretation, induction, symmetry in a plane, chi, story, suffering, grasping, humors, media, man, cell division, DNA, circuit, logic, consciousness, motivation, image, dream, sephirah, noble truth, phenomenology, intelligence, immersion, motivation for action, normative science, orientation, science, order, philosophy, sin, stress, body, mood, matter, improvement cycle, learning, learning, observance, cognitive functions, element, element, story plot, wife, US government, color, cause, personality, love, absolutes, God, news service for community, meaning of life, news criteria, semiosis, personality, brain, substance, temperament, harming karma, states of existence, management, authority, authority, life domain, civilization, rock, body, consciousness, data model, narrative, unalienable right, revolution, sociology, theology, obscuring knowledge, science, self, self, personality, faith, psychosexual development, moral development, ego development, healing karma, virtue, cardinal virtue, legitimate rule, function of consciousness, gamer, cause, grammar, organizational structure, box of liberty, twelve-fold chain, learning, moral action, sign, measurement, liberation, architecture, psychomotor development, cell cycle, grief, group development, economic growth, behavioral change, element, love language, taste, regime, sense, mental function, simple machine, freedom of motion, writing, mood, mood, cognition, mood, moodset, affect, ~fmk, yinyang, quadrivium, trivium, salvation, immoral action, recovery, cognitive development, psychosocial development, plot, competence, moodset, noble path, SOLID object-oriented programming, reading comprehension, studying, studying, cycle, design process, design process, universal value, learning, learning, action, learning, personality trait, explanation, poetry, love, love, military intelligence, heuristic, essential duty, threefold activity, guna, logic, contradiction, triadic structure, phase transition, Muslim life, Ismailism, traffic flow, discourse, discourse position, art, precept, precept, state, bushido, body, personality, natural disaster, energy, persuasion

Polymap adds:
body politic, energy-color, substantial health

Polyset adds:
Mood, Stuff, Personality models, Conscious Chemicals

Quadranym adds:
online community, assess, epistemology, -, epistemology, abandon, eros, evidence, global system, accomplish, mood, prime quadranym, aroma, ascertain, music expression, review, stock market, acton, chemical reaction, humor, industry comparison, interview question, knowledge movement, eat, z-topic, grounding, ascertainment, barrier, close, energy, container, love, affordance, experience, Golden Rule, heaven, hell, kingdom, life, limbic acton, motor performance, open, passage, rate, temptation, economic control, valence, element, Dickensian disparity, open, dystopian control, liberal, utopian control, recognition, concept, Dickensian times, Dickensian zeal, music affect, partnership, physical control, religious control, technological control, qode, --, acceptance, writing, adventure, human control

Quadraset adds:
Door, Eggs, Social Control, What the Dickens?

Story adds:
The Truth Makes It So, Underboot, Any Aroma

Tale adds:
A Tale of Two Stanks, Hell, Love & Eros, An Ag of Two Cogs, A Tale of Two Shitties, Stinking of Love and Hate

Vectornym adds:
Distill My Spirits, ennea, Evolvonym, Inner-Outer Virtue, Love some Body, Stress-Reductive Vector Therapy

Votes Cast: 12

Fable votes:
A Tale of Two Cities

Polynym votes:
energy, cognitive functions

Polyset votes:
Personality models, Conscious Chemicals

Quadranym votes:
recognition, personality, qode

Quadraset votes:
What the Dickens?

Story votes:

Tale votes:
A Tale of Two Shitties, Stinking of Love and Hate

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