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ID Name Area Source User Mode Depth P1 P2 P3 P4 P5 P6 P7 P8 P9 P10 P11 P12 Info

absolutes Theology Robert Speer scotty type 4 honesty purity unselfishness love Robert Elliott Speer

affect Psychology Benjamin Bloom scotty part 5 receive respond value organizing characterize Affect (psychology)

anthropology Anthropology Franz Boaz davekud type 4 archaeology biological anthropology cultural anthropology linguistic anthropology Anthropology

architecture Anthropology Gottfried Semper scotty part 4 hearth roof enclosure mound The Four Elements of Architecture

art Education scotty type 6 rites music archery chariotry calligraphy mathematics Six Arts

authority Sociology Max Weber scotty type 3 traditional charismatic legal Authority (sociology)

authority Sociology Max Weber scotty type 3 status knowledge position Authority (sociology)

behavioral change Psychology James Prochaska scotty step 6 precontemplation contemplation preparation action maintenance termination Transtheoretical model

body Theology Hinduism scotty part 3 causal subtle gross Three Bodies Doctrine

body Metaphysics Jainism scotty type 5 earth water fire air vegetable Jīva (Jainism)

box of liberty Politics Stephen Decatur Miller scotty step 4 soap ballot jury ammo Four boxes of liberty

brain Anatomy Gray scotty part 3 cerebrum cerebellum brainstem http://mayfieldcli...

cardinal virtue Theology Plato scotty type 4 prudence courage temperance justice Cardinal virtues

cause Metaphysics Aristotle scotty part 4 material formal (design) efficient (creator) final (function) Four causes

cause Philosophy Aristotle scotty type 4 matter form agent purpose Four causes

cell cycle Biology scotty step 3 resting interphase cell division Cell cycle

cell division Biology scotty type 2 mitosis meiosis Cell division

chi Philosophy Wu Xing scotty type 5 metal water wood fire earth http://kheper.net/...

circuit Physics electrical scotty type 2 series parallel Series and parallel circuits

civilization Astronomy Nikolai Kardashev scotty step 3 planetary stellar galactic Kardashev scale

cognition Psychology Benjamin Bloom scotty part 6 knowledge comprehension application analysis synthesis evaluation Cognition

cognitive development Cognition Jean Piaget scotty step 4 sensorimotor pre-operational concrete operational formal operational Cognition

cognitive functions Psychology Carl Jung scotty type 4 thinking feeling sensation intuition Jungian cognitive functions

color Metaphysics Isaac Newton scotty step 7 red orange yellow green blue indigo violet Color

competence Psychology Martin Broadwell scotty step 4 unconscious incompetence conscious incompetence conscious competence unconscious competence Four stages of competence

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