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ID Name Area Source User Realm Expansion Reduction Objective Subjective POS /e /r /o /s Info

- AI Buddha scotty Spatial NN VB VB NN NN Quotation mark

-- scotty _____ _____ _____ _____

0) prime quadranym Nymology Scalise/Vercoe dane expansion reduction objective subjective NN NN NN NN NN http://buildintuit...

abandon Learning Build intuit scotty Social desert discontinue separation rejection NN VB VB NN NN

accept Learning Build Intuit scotty Social offered recieved aquirement consent VB VB VB NN NN

accomplish Learning Build Intuit scotty Volitional start finish performance ability VB VB VB NN NN

acton Neurophysiology Manfred Clynes scotty Emotional stimulant reference structure function NN NN NN NN NN Manfred Clynes

adventure Learning Build Intuit scotty Emotional excite risk chance exposure NN VB VB NN NN Adventure

affordance Psychology J. Gibson scotty Perceptual stimulant reference structure function NN NN NN NN NN Affordance

aggregate dane multiply divide total constituent

aroma Gastronomy scotty Physical smell stink scent odor NN VB VB NN NN Odor

ascertain Learning Build Intuit scotty Psychological implicit explicit extrinsic intrinsic VB ADJ ADJ ADJ ADJ To be announced

ascertainment Nymology Nymology scotty implicit explicit extrinsic intrinsic NN ADJ ADJ ADJ ADJ Financial accounting

assess Commonsense Build intuit scotty Volitional promote demote grade judgement VB VB VB NN NN Buildintuit.com...

barrier scotty wall door section blocking NN

chemical reaction scotty synthesis decomposition double replacement single replacement NN Chemical reaction

citizens' freedom Politics Franklin D. Roosevelt dane freedom of worship freedom of speech freedom from want freedom from fear NN Four Freedoms

close dane perimeter blocked solid interior

close scotty reach push closed push action NN

cognition dane intuition rational physical psychological Cognition

concept Barsalou scotty abstract concrete situational introspective NN Concept

conscious dane anticipate memorize perspective introspective Consciousness

container dane scotty full empty content hold Container

create dane cause effect change produce

cup dane convex concave rim hollow Cup

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