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P3: Triads

TOTAL: 40 Polynyms
19 Type  |  13 Part  |  8 Step

2: Dyad 3: Triad 4: Tetrad
5: Pentad 6: Hexad 7: Heptad
8: Octad 9: Ennead 10: Decad
11: Undecad 12: Duodecad « add »
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Name p1 p2 p3
authority status knowledge position
authority traditional charismatic legal
body causal subtle gross
brain cerebrum cerebellum brainstem
cell cycle resting interphase cell division
civilization planetary stellar galactic
contradiction being essence notion
data model conceptual logical physical
design process analyze create execute
fascination idle external stimulus effort
God father son holy spirit
guna goodness darkness passion
heuristic availability representativeness anchoring and adjustment
immersion tactical strategic narrative
learning visual auditory kinesthetic
learning cognitive affective psychomotor
legitimate rule legal authority traditional authority charismatic authority
liberation faith knowledge conduct
life domain archaea bacteria eukarya
logic critical speculative grammar speculative rhetoric
narrative setup confrontation resolution
normative science aesthetics ethics logic
personality id ego superego
phenomenology empirical scientific archetypical
philosophy phenomenology normative science metaphysics
poetry melopoeia phanopoeia logopoeia
revolution liberty equality fraternity
rock igneous metamorphic sedimentary
salvation hope pray repeat if necessary
science discovery theoretical practical
self body spirit soul
semiosis sign object interpretant
sociology theological metaphysical positivity
theology fetishism polytheism monotheism
threefold activity body speech mind
traffic flow free flow synchronized flow wide moving jam
triadic structure thesis antithesis synthesis
trivium grammar logic rhetoric
unalienable right life liberty pursuit of happiness
US government executive branch legislative branch judicial branch
Name p1 p2 p3

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