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P4: Tetrads

TOTAL: 55 Polynyms
36 Type  |  9 Part  |  10 Step

2: Dyad 3: Triad 4: Tetrad
5: Pentad 6: Hexad 7: Heptad
8: Octad 9: Ennead 10: Decad
11: Undecad 12: Duodecad « add »
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Name p1 p2 p3 p4
absolutes honesty purity unselfishness love
anthropology archaeology biological anthropology cultural anthropology linguistic anthropology
architecture hearth roof enclosure mound
box of liberty soap ballot jury ammo
cardinal virtue prudence courage temperance justice
cause matter form agent purpose
cause material formal (design) efficient (creator) final (function)
cognitive development sensorimotor pre-operational concrete operational formal operational
cognitive functions thinking feeling sensation intuition
competence unconscious incompetence conscious incompetence conscious competence unconscious competence
consciousness waking dreaming deep sleep superconsciousness
design process discover define develop deliver
discourse master university hysteric analyst
discourse position agent other product truth
DNA adenine guanine cytosine thymine
dream psychic successful failed physical
element earth air water fire
explanation becoming knowing being willing
function of consciousness sensation intuition thinking feeling
gamer killer achiever socializer explorer
grammar recursively enumerable context-sensitive context-free regular
group development forming storming norming performing
harming karma obscuring perception obscuring knowledge creating obstacles deluding
healing karma finding body finding life span finding status finding feeling
humors sanguine choleric melancholic phlegmatic
Illusions distortion ambiguities paradox fiction
interpretation literal typological moral anagogical
learning accomodator converger diverger assimilator
learning activist reflector theorist pragmatist
learning visual auditory physical social
love storge philios eros agape
management plan do check act
matter plasma gas liquid solid
meaning of life dharma artha kama moksha
measurement nominal ordinal interval ratio
mental function recollection recognition decision awareness
mood fear grief love rage
mood happy angry bored peaceful
motivation for action ritualistic ethical idealistic realistic
noble truth suffering cause cessation path
organizational structure committee ecology matrix hierarchy
perception stimulus interpret select organize
persuation ethos pathos logos kairos
quadrivium arithmetic geometry music astronomy
sentence declarative interrogative imperative exclamatory
star sign (cardinal) aries cancer libra capricorn
star sign (fixed) taurus leo scorpio aquarius
star sign (mutable) gemini virgo sagittarius pisces
states of existence heaven hell plant animal
strategies for learning uni-framing trans-framing reformulating accumulating
stress eustress hypostress distress hyperstress
studying read encode annotate ponder
symmetry in a plane rotation translation reflection glide reflection
temperament avoiding getting socially useful ruling
writing descriptive narrative expository argumentative
Name p1 p2 p3 p4

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